Horizon Roc

Dear Parents,

Well, yesterday’s Horizon Roc trip was a fun filled day of action and adventure! When we arrived children were immediately entertained with climbing games and challenges, some of them even disappearing into the walls of the facility, followed by a detailed safety demonstration by the wonderful animators at Horizon Roc.

After a brief lunch break we were at it again. All the children were fitted with harnesses and watched excitedly as the animators demonstrated how to climb the 40 foot high walls. After that there was no stopping the children. We watched amazed while most of them fearlessly climbed to the top. It was incredible to watch as all children worked in teams of 3 tightening the safety rope of each climber, encouraging them to go on, and helping them down when they were ready to come down. After almost 2 hours of climbing, the children were at it again playing in the obstacle courses and nets of the facility.
By the time we were finished for the day we were all sufficiently exhausted and excited by what we had just accomplished for the day, and of course we were all ready for bed.

Until the next trip,